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Support fishermen and working waterfront in response to the January coastal storms

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Support fishermen and working waterfront in response to the January coastal storms

It's almost impossible to gauge the full extent of the repercussions from the storms this past week. The destruction was quick, but the rebuilding will likely take years. New wharves require supplies that are expensive and, these days, scarce. The destruction to the working waterfront in Maine is, at this time, incomprehensible.

To provide a space for people to donate, we have set up a specific campaign that will be utilized to provide resources and support to commercial fishermen who suffered damage to aspects of their business, whether that’s gear, a wharf, or their boat.

We do not know the extent of the damage so it’s difficult to say how much money will be needed to repair parts of Maine’s working waterfront, but we can guess that it’s in the millions of dollars. Fishermen need to fill out THIS form to report damage so that the state can better understand the damage and ask for emergency funding.

We are also working to find ways to support specific communities in their fundraising efforts. If you live in a town that was heavily damaged and would like to request a specific fundraising campaign for that town, you can reach out to us at

Stay informed about fundraising campaigns and other ways to support Maine’s working waterfront by following us on social media (@mainecoastfishermen) and by signing up for our newsletter here.

The storm deprived fishermen, their families, and businesses of vital access to the ocean, boats, wharves, docks, gear, and links to their ancestral heritage. Our communities are grieving, we are grieving.

Nonetheless, we remain steadfast in our resolve to rebuild - stronger, more resilient, and prepared for a future that celebrates seafood and fishermen along Maine's coast.

Together, we stand resilient. Together, we persevere.