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I am a husband, a scientist, a dog dad, and a runner. My wife and I moved to Portland Maine in 2019, to begin work with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. Previously we had been living on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi. There I worked with members of the crab and shrimp industries of Louisiana and later in support of the Southeast Fisheries Science Center. While the climate here and the fisheries here are different, some of the challenges facing fishermen are familiar.

I hold tremendous respect for the work of local fishermen, fisherwomen, and the unique culture and communities they foster. This year I am running the Maine Marathon with the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association in support of their work to enhance the sustainability of Maine’s fisheries by advocating for the needs of community-based fishermen and the environmental restoration of the Gulf of Maine.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Maine Coast Fishermens Association