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Join me and help make a difference, please give today


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My name is Valeria Bustamante, I'm a 27 years old (recently graduated) Mechanical Engineer from Colombia that's been living in Maine since 2021, I came here for the first time in 2019 and fell in love with this gorgeous state since then. My dad used to be a Track and Field athlete and my mom has always been passionate about walking so, my siblings and I grew up around the sport and I've been running since I was 12 years old. During my life, I've practiced basketball, volleyball and a few others but I always go back to running. It's what brings me peace and helps me release energy. The satisfaction and the sense of accomplishment that I get from it is unbelievable. After not running for a while, I decided to do it more regularly this year and it's become part of my daily routine. Thanks for sponsoring me in this race to support MCFA’s Fishermen Wellness program!